Xiangshawan desert lotus hotel

Location: Xiangshawan resort, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

Scope: Architecture, Interiors, VI design

Total floor area: 30700㎡

Interior area: 48000㎡

Site area: 500000㎡

Max height: 40m

Materials: Membrane structure 

Design: 2009-2015

Completed: 2016.1.1


Lotus Hotel is located in Kubuqi Desert, in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. We discussing the existence form of architecture in nature. Rotation of squares in the same angle creates triangles in the process and made the form stronger. In consideration of structure, shading, and wind, we integrated function, form, and landscape, resulting in a form of lotus. The panels and the supporting skeleton structures are pre-fabricated and make the base of the building a large container for sands. Thus, the steel panel structure can function as a boat floating on a desert that carries our building.


Photography: Arch-Exist Photograph; PLAT ASIA

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