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PLAT Architects

Since the foundation, in addition to the design of culture and hotel, PLAT ASIA has invested considerable efforts to probe into city design, tourism planning, the design of office, education and commercial buildings and so on.
  • Xiangshawan desert hotel

    Xiangshawan desert hotel

  • Xixian jinghe CBD

    Xixian jinghe CBD

  • High-speed railway park

    High-speed railway park

  • Xixian sky city

    Xixian sky city

  • Xianyang chunhua winary

    Xianyang chunhua winary

  • Dongsheng Christ Church

    Dongsheng Christ Church

  • Ordos viewing stone museum

    Ordos viewing stone museum

  • Ordos industries university library

    Ordos industries university library

  • Pishayan geology park

    Pishayan geology park