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Our vision is to establish a high-standard international design studio while being deeply rooted in the traditional soil, based on which we have had extensive experience in all architecture-related fields, including architecture, urban design, landscape design, interior design and furniture design.
  • Xiangshawan desert hotel

    Xiangshawan desert hotel

  • Xixian jinghe CBD

    Xixian jinghe CBD

  • High-speed railway park

    High-speed railway park

  • Xixian sky city

    Xixian sky city

  • Xianyang chunhua winary

    Xianyang chunhua winary

  • Dongsheng Christ Church

    Dongsheng Christ Church

  • Ordos viewing stone museum

    Ordos viewing stone museum

  • Ordos industries university library

    Ordos industries university library

  • Pishayan geology park

    Pishayan geology park