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Being an international team of architects and designers, PLAT ASIA was founded in Beijing in 2010, by Baoyang Bian and Donghyun Jung, who share the oriental cultural background. Based on the constant research and analysis of the bewildering social backdrop nowadays, PLAT ASIA has been endeavouring in optimising the living conditions without sacrificing the future living environment. Moreover, PLAT ASIA not only designs to discover new opportunities and means of land occupation, but to carry forward oriental philosophies of nature, architecture and value as well.


With a high standard of design aesthetics, PLAT ASIA aims to establish a high-standard international design studio while being deeply rooted in the traditional soil, based on which we have had extensive experience in all architecture-related fields, including architecture, urban design, landscape design, interior design and furniture design. PLAT ASIA has attracted the attention of world-renowned design media, including DEZEEN / DIVISARE / World Architecture News / Archdaily / Designboom / Gooood / Archiposition / Archello / Stir / Archilovers / Archeyes and has been celebrated by famous magazines such as DOMUS / Arquitedtura Viva / UED / DETAIL / A&C / INTERIORS. Apart from all these, its design of Desert Lotus Hotel has been selected as one of the most creative hotel design in China by CNN. Recently, PLAT ASIA has won Finalist for Architizer A+ Awards, selected works for KUKAN Design Awards. silver for A' Design Award & Competition', Best of Best for Iconic Award and titled as Winner for German Design Award. It is currently located in Beijing 798 Art District, co-managed by DH Jung, Baoyang Bian, Seungbo Ryu and Nandin.









Field:Commercial and

cultural communication; Programming and design


Position:Design Director



Position:Principal Landscape Architect




Donghyun JUNG (KOR)


President, PLAT ASIA

Ph.D., The University of Tokyo



Member of Architectural Society of China

Member of Architectural Society of Korea

Member of Korean Association of Architects

Member of Architectural Society of Japan


Donghyun Jung, a Korean architect, is born in Seoul on 29, February in 1972. After receiving the Master Degree of Architecture at Hanyang University in Korea, he was invited by Japanese government to further study at Tokyo University sponsored by postgraduate scholarship and got the Doctor Degree in 2008. During these days, Donghyun Jung came to work in China in 2004 as the design director for UAA, a famous design institute in Beijing. In 2010, he together with Baoyang Bian established the PLAT ASIA (Beijing Plat Architectural Design Co. Ltd.). Then he was appointed as the design director in RTKL, a well-known American design company. Now, he is the president of PLAT ASIA.




Baoyang BIAN


Chairman, PLAT ASIA


Member of Architectural Society of China (ASC)

Member of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)


Bian Baoyang, a practiced architect, has decades of experience in architecture design, architectural programming, and tourism planning. His design philosophy focuses on translating culture into architecture using a contemporary language.  Fostering the international design team PLAT ASIA, he gradually developed a strategy for architecture design with a mind to technological benefits and interdisciplinary design horizons. Through his works in architecture, he insists on achieving the values of culture and challenging projects.

Expertise in great-scale planning and tourism projects, his work includes Xiangshawan desert Lotus Hotel and Resort, a ten-year endeavor for him, in which he proposed the concept of “desert lotus” in the scheme process. The Steppe & Volcano Resort in Baiyinkulun was inspired by the volcano and incredible vistas at a 1260 square kilometers zone.  The Seven Leaves Bodhi Desert Hotel is ecologic and sustainable in the desert. Tourism planning of Xuefeng Temple proposes the concept Capital of Zen in China; Business and energy zone Water Planning in Xixian New Area, he creatively blends the CHANGES and locals culture, concludes a new realization; Wuzhangyuan tourism concept scheme selected the concept Town of general; tourism planning of Yarkand town, applied a Shujin Dianxue, a traditional Chinese medicine method, into the layout. In his work, he derives local and complex contexts, innovates particular cultural expressions, and approaches contemporary language scenery and usage surroundings.