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Consisting of a group of architects with rich project experience, PLAT ASIA Architecture Firm was established in Beijing in 2010, the registration name of which is Beijing PLAT ASIA Architectural Design Co. Ltd.. With abound practice of design and engineering techniques, members of the design group in the firm have received high-quality education from diverse universities in Asia. Our team shares the same ideas and values and has a good command of Chinas status quo. We are adept at acting and creating and want to build an international platform on the basis of local conditions.

As a professional architecture firm, PLAT ASIA mainly works on the design of public buildings, including cultural, municipal and residential buildings, art galleries, exhibition halls as well as other types. Besides, we have made rapid progress in technique application and branding.

PLAT ASIA faces up to currently Chinese situation in a diversified, inclusive way and it chooses to deal with present design conditions through a way of platform. PLAT comes from the word platform. Having carefully considered the firm organization , form is removed from the word platform, because we are ready to use the most effective method that is the organization on the basis of diversified, inclusive platforms to cope with the complicatedly current and future environment for the development of cities. ASIA represents our background of oriental culture which makes the platform having both differences and same features.  









Position:Vice President

Field:Commercial and 

cultural communication


Position:Design Director





Donghyun JUNG (KOR)

President, PLAT ASIA

Ph.D., The University of Tokyo



Member of Architectural Society of China

Member of Architectural Society of Korea

Member of Korean Association of Architects

Member of Architectural Society of Japan


Donghyun Jung, a Korean architect, is born in Seoul on 29, February in 1972. After receiving the Master Degree of Architecture at Hanyang University in Korea, he was invited by Japanese government to further study at Tokyo University sponsored by postgraduate scholarship and got the Doctor Degree in 2008. During these days, Donghyun Jung came to work in China in 2004 as the design director for UAA, a famous design institute in Beijing. In 2010, he together with others established the PLAT ASIA (Beijing Plat Architectural Design Co. Ltd.). Then he was appointed as the design director in RTKL, a well-known American design company.