Pishayan Geology Park

Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

Scope: Landscape, Architecture, Masterplan

Type: New building

Total floor area-

Site area612,000,000

Max height-

Main buildings: Teahouse, Waterfall

Design period: 2010-2011

Completion: 2012

Photography: Arch-Exist Photography


Architecture & Culture magazine, Vol 394, Mar 2014, South Korea



Pishayan is a special rock formation on a barren land which is concentrated on the ancient continental formation in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. As a complex natural park with the functions of leisure, education, traveling and research, it includes to a series of landscape and service buildings. Waterfall is originated from the simple triangle similar with the valley and calls for circumstance, the combination of this triangular cones present the strength of northern of China, mirror-finished stainless steels were utilized to make various sizes of triangular cones which were then placed crisscross along the mountainous slope. The rise-up tea houses is placed in the grand park somewhere, and form a harmonious total space relations and connect to the diversity buildings.

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